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Can I keep my home and vehicle if I file for bankruptcy?

Yes. Filing bankruptcy stops all collection proceedings, including repossessions and foreclosures; however, it is important to hire experienced attorneys to ensure your interests are protected. Contact the attorneys at Freedom Law, PC today.

Will bankruptcy affect my retirement accounts and/or pension plan?

Retirement accounts and pension plans are usually protected and unaffected by bankruptcy, but it is important that you consult an attorney to ensure the creditors aren’t entitled to the money you’ve worked so hard to save. The attorneys at Freedom Law, PC will make sure that your interests are protected.

Does filing bankruptcy affect my bank accounts and/or job?

No, your bank accounts and job will be completely unaffected. Filing bankruptcy stops all future bank and wage garnishments. In fact, the attorneys at Freedom Law PC will make sure that the money in your accounts is protected. Depending on the situation, Freedom Law, PC may be able to get some of those garnished funds returned to you. Contact the experienced attorneys at Freedom Law, PC to make sure your creditors don’t get more than they are entitled to.

Does Freedom Law, PC offer payment plans?

Absolutely. We understand that you are under financial strain; we offer an initial free consultation and accept payment plans that work with your circumstances. The attorney handling your initial consultation will provide you with a total fee that is suitable based on your situation. Once you put down a retainer as little as $100.00 with our office, we are officially your attorneys. At that point, you can provide creditors with our phone number and we will confirm with them that you are filing bankruptcy. Contact the attorneys at Freedom Law, PC to set up your consultation with our office and get started.

Can I get a get a new car after I file bankruptcy?

Yes. While it depends on the dealer/lender, our office has had many clients successfully obtain vehicles during and after their bankruptcy. Freedom Law, PC will provide you with a list of dealerships that have worked with our clients in the past.

Should I wait and try to negotiate with my creditors?

Waiting to file and negotiating with creditors leaves you unprotected against other creditors who may begin garnishing your wages, bank accounts or tax refunds. Also, many times creditors are unwilling to accept feasible payment options, and interest accrues in the meantime. When you file bankruptcy, you are protected by the “Automatic Stay,” which prevents all creditors from collecting from you. Our consultations are absolutely free, you have nothing to lose. Give Freedom Law a call today.

Why not try debt consolidation, credit repair, or other debt programs?

Many of our clients come to us after previously engaging in a “credit repair” or “debt consolidation” program. These individuals who really need to file bankruptcy find that they wasted money and time while trying to engage in a consolidation. Many of the programs extend broken promises to make credit problems go away and leave the client with judgments and deficient accounts still lingering on their credit reports. These are the things that drag down your score and could be completely wiped clean with a bankruptcy.

Some debt consolidation companies trick consumers into taking debt that could be discharged in a bankruptcy and turning them into home-equity loans or other non-dischargeable loans! It is extremely important to get the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to review your debt and financial situation. Call us today for a free consultation.