Facing Mortgage Default or Foreclosure? You will want to read this!

The federally mandated foreclosure moratorium on foreclosures has ended. If you are behind on your mortgage, you might be facing foreclosure. Now is the time to seek help from a professional. How the Michigan mortgage foreclosure process works. 

My name is Heather McGivern, and I was an attorney for mortgage servicers for 13 years. In 2020, I switched sides and have helped dozens of individuals navigate complicated mortgage issues using my inside knowledge of how the mortgage industry works. I can use the knowledge I gained to help YOU save your home. Knowing how and why the system works is a powerful tool to help you find the best way forward. FLPC has offices in Eastpointe, Wyandotte, and Port Huron and serves the entire Metro Detroit area and beyond. We are accepting clients anywhere in the State of Michigan.

There are a lot of reasons you might be in mortgage default. Perhaps a job loss, rising inflation, or an illness caused you to get behind. The mortgage servicer might now be demanding an amount to be paid in full that is more than you are able to pay. If you are behind on your mortgage, here are a few steps to help you get current:

1. Check your mortgage company’s website. There will be a link for information on your options. Many homeowners can apply for a loan modification on their own using that process. But, if you have looked there already and found yourself confused about what to do, then I can help you make sense of it all. Read about loan modification types, pros, and cons.

You can also read about the loan modification process here.

2. Apply for help with MSHDA. The State of Michigan has a federally backed program to help homeowners get caught up on their mortgages. Check out their website here: https://www.michigan.gov/mshda

3. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Nearly anyone can qualify to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to save their home from foreclosure. Sometimes when time is short it is the only way to stop a foreclosure. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep all your assets and get caught up on your mortgage over time. It is very different from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is what most people think about when they think about bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a powerful financial tool to allow you to buy time and get a fresh start.
FLPC can provide the extensive knowledge of these programs to help you. Do not go through this process alone. We are here to help!

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